Who we are

Mebenco Transports UK LTD is the parent company to Mebenco Furniture and Vancheap, with Mebenco Furniture being a trading name of Mebenco Transports UK LTD, and Vancheap being an independent company.

Operating out of both the United Kingdom and France, we use our affluence in expertise to provide services and tailor to the needs of both our British and French customers.

Mebenco Transports seeks to continually grow, expanding our borders beyond the UK and France, into all of Europe, and eventually the world. With the help of our suppliers and partners, this vision becomes increasingly nigh. We hope to eventually expand our reach across the globe, to provide customers with our services no matter where they are.

Mebenco Furniture

Mebenco Furniture is a trading name of Mebenco Transports UK LTD. It offers quality furniture sourced from only the very best suppliers to clients across the UK and the globe.

Operating mainly on Ebay, a rapid expansion plan has been put in place starting in April of 2021. Mebenco Furniture will join new platforms to increase its reach to more clients, starting with Amazon, then Wayfair, and eventually its very own website. By the end of 2021, Mebenco Furniture will be a reputable retailer that is easily accesible to customers across several internation platforms, and it’s all thanks to its generous suppliers.


Vancheap LTD is a platform that seeks to put clients and transporters into relation. Too often, transporters find themselves travelling large distances for deliveries or collections with an essentially empty van. Additionally, members of the general public are often put into situations in which they need an item transported elsewhere but are often lacking the time/resources.

By identifying the need of clients to transport objects and the need of transporters to maximise their loads, Vancheap is able to create a solution through putting both parties into contact, in order to solve the clients’ needs, and optimise profit for transporters.

Whether supplier or service user, we hope to work with you soon!


- The Mebenco Team