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Furniture and items

Home Removals, Storage and Transportation Services.

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What is the furniture/items moval service?

┬áThis service is for when you want to move specific items to another location. For example: “1 fridge, 2 wardrobes, 5 chairs, 3 vases and 1 television from Paris to Grenoble”. Furniture/items removal is not the same as the home removals service as it isn’t for when you are moving houses.

For online vendors, such as dropshippers or E-commerce stores, we can deliver your goods from your units directly to your clients’ doorsteps.

If this isn’t the service you are looking for, then please refer to our services.

Bulky items removal

Certain belongings are very heavy and/or wide, and require several people to displace it. Fridges, ovens, washing machines and the like aren’t the lightest objects around. Coupled with the fact that the average person doesn’t have the recommended equipment to move them around, it can be very hard to move bulky items. Furthermore, senior or less abled persons can struggle moving lighter objects. That’s why we’ve made it our duty to help you move. Our experienced team will help you with your bulky items removal by providing the coordination and manpower necessary. Simply choose us and we’ll do the rest.

We take your all items

Here at Mebenco Transports, we don’t have a limit to what we will take. We do both singular item removals and bulky removals. Some common items include: fridges, wardrobes, dressers, boxes, chairs, couches, sofas, tables and desks. But we are not limited to these things. Simply mention it while filling out a quote request, and I’m sure our answer will surprise you.

We’ll move them

Most importantly, we’ll transport your goods in all security with our vans. All our vans are insured for you goods (not that any damage would happen to them anyway). We will pick-up, deliver and even store your items, depending on what you need. Want it delivered in 6 months? In 3 weeks? In 5 days? We’ll always work something out for you.