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Garage clearance

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Garage clearance

What is the garage clearance service?

Our garage clearance service is for those who have clutter in their garage, attics or storage areas that they want to get rid of. It is similar to the house clearance service.

Often, people can find themselves with a messy garage or simply with items they no longer need on their hands.This is the service for you if you want to get rid of unwanted items

If this isn’t the service you are looking for, then please refer to our services.

Garage clearance

We clear your space of junk

Areas often find themselves cluttered and full of unwanted waste. This is primarily because a moment of laziness can lead to heaps of unwanted clutter. “I’ll clean it later” you say, but end up finding yourself with a mountain of unwanted trash. 

We’ll do it for you.

We will clear your garage/attic/space of all specified items. You just tell us what needs to go and we’ll get rid of it. We do big and small, from vices to fridges. All furniture, sofas, televisions, rubbish, rubble and appliances are accepted. Whether it be motors or other car accessories, carpets, bottles or planks and almost anything else, we’ll clear it for you.

Then, we load them into our van(s) and transport them to an appropriate disposal or reuse location. If you don’t want to dispose of the items, but instead want to move them elsewhere, use our furniture/item removal service. We have several vans at our disposition and are constantly expanding our arsenal in order to give you a better experience. We’ll bring the right size van depending on what you have. From 5m3 to 15m3+. Just be specific in your entry so we can give you our best resources. Simply get a quote above.